Are you required to wear blaze orange when hunting in California?

NO. Whether you are hunting blacktail deer, elk, wild pigs or upland, not blaze orange is required.

Is non lead ammo required when hunting pigs, elk or upland?

Yes. Non lead ammunition is required for all hunts in California

What is the best caliber for wild pig hunting in California?

Any caliber .243 or larger is preferred although most would agree that .270 – .30 caliber rifles work best . We also recommend scoped bolt action rifles over any other combination of firearm.

What are the closest airports?

San Luis Obispo airport is the closest to our location out of Paso Robles ( 60 min ). San jose airport is the closest to our location out of Hollister CA ( 45 min )

Is a hunting Licence and Tag required to go pig hunting on private property in California ?

Yes both a valid CA hunting license and pig hunting tag are required for hunting on private property. please visit the CADFW website for information on obtaining both. We can assist you if you have any questions

Are blacktail deer hunting tags in California on a draw?

No they are not . Deer tags are zone A general tags and can be purchased the day of or prior to the hunt at any licensed CA tag agent. You can purchase deer, elk & pig hunts online or at Walmart, Big 5 , Dicks , Bass Pro Shops