Pig & Varmint Combo Hunts
with Oak Stone Outfitters

Our wild pig and varmint hunts run all year long. The favorable tactic for hunting that we tend to utilize is spot and stalk, though we also have ground blinds for archery hunters. Average weight is between 155 lbs and 165 lbs with a few taken every year that exceed 300 lbs. After you wrap up an exciting wild pig hunt or during the midday break, there are plenty of ground squirrels for the taking. If the pig hunt ends early and you have some mornings or evenings left in your hunt, we have an abundance of coyotes that are extremely fun to call in. Enjoy the best of both worlds by combining these two great hunts all while experiencing Central California’s comfortable climate along with pristine hill strewn and valley views.

Varmint and Pig Combo Hunting with Oak Stone Outfitters

Wild Pig & Varmint Hunting Packages

  • With lodging & meals – $2,850 per hunter 

*Non-hunters may be added for an additional $700 per day – includes lodging and meals

What To Expect

Hunters can expect to see an average of 20-25 pigs a day. The amount of squirrels and jackrabbits are innumerable. Squirrel hunting can be done during any part of the day. Rabbit hunting and coyote hunting is most effective during the morning and evening hours. Jackrabbits have the ability to be hunted all year long with no bag limit. Cottontail rabbits have a hunting season from July 1st to January 30th and a bag limit of 5 per day. 

What to Pack
  • A Valid California Hunting License
  • A Valid California Pig Tag 
  • Rifle or Archery Equipment
  • Copper Ammunition if Hunting with a Rifle 
  • Good Hiking Boots
  • Warm clothing
  • Binoculars
What’s Included In Your Hunt
  • Opportunity for one pig per hunter
  • Transportation While in the Field
  • Drinks and Snacks while in the Field
  • Cleaning and Skinning of Game
  • Transportation of meat to the local butcher
  • 2 days of hunting
  • Lodging and meals