Get ready to aim for the skies. With few places to hunt these two species of upland birds, Oak Stone Outfitters offers the chance to hunt both California Valley quail and Band-tailed pigeon. Whether you are an upland enthusiast in search of North American slam or a novice hunter looking for some great wing-shooting, we got you covered. Our region of Central California has received exceptional rainfall for the past couple of years, allowing for the upland bird populations to boom. With plenty of food, cover, and water, both quails along with pigeons are benefiting tremendously, which means there is plenty of hunting to be done.

Quail and Pigeon Combo Hunting with Oak Stone Outfitters

California Valley Quail & Band-Tailed Pigeon Hunting Packages

California Valley Quail & Band-Tailed Pigeon Combos: 

    • With lodging & meals – $3,500 per hunter

*Non-hunters may be added for an additional $700 per day – includes lodging and meals

What To Expect

Our California Valley quail hunts are conducted in the morning and evening hours. The terrain and habitat can be fairly rigorous and demanding for hunting the hard-flying Valley quail; nevertheless, the harvesting of this quail is extremely rewarding in that regard. During midday or after the daily bag limit for quail has been fulfilled, then comes the pigeons. A previously scouted location to hunt for Band-tailed pigeons will have been setup ahead of time.  With a great population of pigeons, you will have plenty of opportunities to harvest your limit. In addition, our combo hunts are conducted over two days of hunting with lodging and meals available for an extra cost.


What to Pack
  • A valid California hunting license 
  • Upland game bird stamp
  • Shotgun 
  • Non-lead ammunition
    • preferably steel #7 1/2 shot 
  • Good hiking boots 
  • Shooting vest or ammunition pouch 
  • Warm clothing 
  • Binoculars 
What’s Included In Your Hunt
  • Upland game bird club shooting permit 
  • Guide and bird dogs 
  • Transportation while in the field 
  • Water and snacks while in the field 
  • Cleaning and skinning of game 
  • 2 days of hunting 
  • Lodging and meals