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We offer a number of hunting opportunities and among them are our revered Big Game Hunts; these hunts take place within our 210,000 acres-worth of properties located in Central California. Our Big Game Hunts are focused on procuring Blacktail Deer, Wild Pig, Tule Elk, in addition to Varmint and Predator. Oak Stone Outfitters operates in accordance to California’s hunting guidelines regarding the archery as well as general hunting seasons and relative to the species found on our hunting grounds.


Choose any one of our Big Game Hunts and you are guaranteed success through our expert guides who will accompany you throughout the duration of your hunt. Many of our hunting packages also include rooming within one of our four lodges and meals provided through our dining hall situated on the grounds in Bradley. With weekday and weekend hunts available at inexpensive prices, now is a great time to book your hunt. So, come and experience for yourself all that awaits in the Golden State.

Blacktail Deer

Wild Pig

Tule Elk

Varmint & Predator