At Oak Stone Outfitters, we offer a 100% opportunity at shooting these plump Rio Grande gobblers. The spring season runs from the last weekend in March and extends for 45 consecutive days, with archery and the junior season staying open for two weeks after the general season closes. Depending on weather conditions, hunters can expect to see 15-20 birds a day. Our excellent guides will have the roosting sites scouted in advance as a means of enhancing the opportunity of getting that early morning gobbler when he comes down off the roost. However, any avid turkey hunter knows that roosted doesn’t always mean roasted; with some great calling and efficient setups, we are sure to get some late morning action as well. We hunt all day in the field, taking a break for lunch at midday. The hunt concludes at 5 P.M. each day, which is a predetermined time set by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.


In addition to the adrenaline packed Rio Grande turkey hunt, you and your guests can combine your hunt with a fully guided and outfitted wild pig hunt on the same private ranches in the Central Coast of California. With rolling oak hillsides spilling into brush-filled canyons, these ranches are loaded with wild pigs of all sizes and colors. The average weight is about 160 lbs with some exceeding 300 lbs. Hunters can expect to see 20-40 pigs per day, depending on the time of year. Spot and stalk methods are used as well as ground blinds when hunting archery.

Rio Grand Turkey & Wild Pig Hunting Packages

*Wounded Animal Policy – If an animal is hit, it will count as a harvest and your tag will be used

  • With lodging – $2,500 per hunter
  • With lodging & meals – $2,900 per hunter

*Additional turkeys and pig may be purchased for an additional $800 each 

*Non-hunters may be added for an additional $200 (does not include lodging or meals) 

What To Expect

Hunters can expect to see 15-20 turkeys and pigs per day. Since California state law for turkey season is no hunting past 5 in the evening, we will focus on turkey hunting for the first part of the day and pig hunting in the latter half of the day. If you harvest your turkey early, then we will have an ample amount of time to pig hunt. 

What’s Included In Your Hunt

  • Opportunity for one bird per hunter 
  • Opportunity for one pig per hunter
  • Transportation While in the Field
  • Drinks and Snacks while in the Field
  • Cleaning and Skinning of Game
  • Transportation of meat to the local butcher
  • 2 days of hunting 

What to Pack 

  • A Valid California Hunting License
  • Upland Game Bird Stamp
  • A Valid California Pig Tag 
  • Shotgun with Lead Ammunition is Acceptable 
  • Rifle or Archery Equipment
  • Copper Ammunition if Hunting with a Rifle 
  • Good Hiking Boots
  • Warm clothing
  • Binoculars