California Blacktail Deer Hunts

Oak Stone Outfitters offers incomparable Blacktail deer hunting in central California. We have access to roughly 80,000 acres of private land in San Luis Obispo and Monterey County. The habitat consists of rolling oak woodlands that surround valleys. Hunters can expect to see 15-20 bucks per day. The quality of our bucks is hard to beat and with 100% shot opportunity, you are guaranteed an amazing experience. Our particular location is in the southern A zone season, allotting an “over the counter” tag. The A Zone rifle season starts on the second Saturday in August and runs for 45 consecutive days. Management deer hunts are scheduled for three days, trophy and PLM hunts are scheduled for five. Additional days may be added to any of our hunts.

What To Expect

Hunters can expect to be in the field all day with a break for lunch around noon. Our preferred Blacktail deer hunting style is spot and stalk, however we do have strategically positioned tree stands and ground blinds. Accommodations for all levels of hunters and all levels of fitness can be made. Hunters typically arrive at noon one day one, get their weapons sighted in, and head out into the field for an afternoon hunt.

Blacktail Deer Hunting Packages

Blacktail Deer Hunting Packages


  • With Meals and Lodging – $10,500 per hunter (pricing includes meals and lodging)
  • Typically, three points on each side or more and are at least 20 inches wide. Average score is typically 115″ SCI gross
  • 5-day trophy hunt


  • $10,500 per hunter (pricing includes meals and lodging)
  • PLM stands for Private Lands Management tag. These are Landowner tags granted by the CADFW to the landowner. These tags are good from July 15th – Nov 30th. We typically schedule these hunts during the peak of the rut in mid-October. These tags offer the hunter a greater potential at a trophy Blacktail deer since the general season for our area ends the third week in September prior to rut.
  • 5-day trophy hunt with meals and lodging


  • With meals and lodging – $6,500 per hunter
  • Taken at guides discretion and will not exceed 40 points total
    Points are added up from the width + height + number of total points (ex. 18″ + 15″ + 2 points on each side = 37 points)

*Non-hunters may be added for an additional $700 per day – includes lodging and meals

*Wounded Animal Policy – If an animal is hit, it will count as a harvest and your tag will be used

Blacktail Deer Hunting Details
  • Weekend hunts – Friday to Sunday
  • Weekday hunts – Tuesday to Thursday
  • Arrival time is at or after 1pm on day one and check out is at 1pm on final day
  • Spot and stalk methods are used as well as stand hunting
  • One guid per two or less hunters
  • We can hunt 1-8 hunters in camp at a time and can accommodate all levels of sportsmen from the first-time hunter to the lifetime enthusiast
  • Archery season runs from the second Saturday in July and extends for 23 consecutive days
  • Rifle season runs from the second Saturday in August and extends for 44 consecutive days
  • 2-day or 5-day guided hunts
What to Bring on Blacktail Deer Hunts
  • A valid California hunting license
  • Zone A Deer Tag
  • Rifle or archery equipment
  • Copper ammunition if hunting with a rifle
  • Good hiking boots
  • Warm clothing
  • Binoculars
What’s Included In Hunts
  • One buck

  • Transportation while in the field

  • Drinks and snacks while in the field

  • Cleaning and skinning of game

  • Lodging & Meals