Hunting in Mexico with Oak Stone Outfitters

Oak Stone Outfitters offers the chance to hunt Coues deer, mule deer, and desert bighorn sheep in Sonora, Mexico, about three hours south of Tucson, Arizona. Prepare yourself to venture into a land founded upon a combination of oak woodland and pine forests. The grand Sonoran Desert also has grasslands that have proven to be an excellent resource when hunting trophy size animals. Along with the exceptional environment that is ideal for harboring great genetics, our deer populations have awesome character and size to their antlers.


Although a vast majority of the property is free range, there are roughly 7,500 acres reserved for high fence. Hunting enthusiasts looking to procure a sizable desert bighorn sheep or Coues deer, look no further. Oak Stone Outfitters provides this amazing opportunity, the one that you have been looking for. With an over population of Javelina, our Mexico property offers exceptional hunting for this gnarly rodent! They are a fun and exciting animal to add to any hunting package, testing both patience and skill.


As well as remarkable hunting prospects, we also offer luxurious accommodations and tasty dishes for a complete Mexico hunting experience. Let Oak Stone Outfitters help you immerse yourselves in traditional Mexican culture, while witnessing the country’s unique wildlife and unreal hunting adventures.


What To Expect

Our Mexico hunts are all conducted over a 5-day period with lodging and meals included. Hunters can expect to be in the field all day with a break for lunch at midday. Our preferred hunting method and the tactic proven effective for this terrain is spot and stalk. However, with many water sources, we do have the ability to hunt from a ground blind, should that be the preference.


Be prepared to see roughly 30 bucks a day with 4-5 of them being at least 100” long. Average size of our bucks is between 100” – 110” with a few exceeding 120” each year. While in the field, we will be using 4-wheel drive trucks with plenty of room for guests and equipment to fit comfortably in. With a large road system and great maintenance, we can easily accommodate for all levels of hunters and all levels of fitness. Moreover, our expert guides will be there to assist along your hunting excursion, aiming to make your trip nothing less than extraordinary.

Mexico Hunting Packages by Oak Stone Outfitters

Mexico Hunting Packages

COUES DEER BUCK HUNT – $6,500 per hunter

MULE DEER BUCK HUNT – $18,000 per hunter


JAVELINA (add on) – $500

Combo Hunt – Desert Sheep, Mule deer, Coues deer, Javelina – $48,000

*Non-Hunters can be added for an additional $1,200

 *Wounded Animal Policy – If an animal is hit, it will count as a harvest and your tag will be used


Hunting Details
  • 5-day hunts with lodging and meals 
  • Spot and stalk methods are used as well as ground blinds
  • We can hunt 1-5 hunters at a time and accommodate all levels of sportsman from the first-time hunter to the lifelong hunting enthusiast 
  • Hunting season runs through the month of January 
  • You may add a Javelina to your hunt for an additional $500
What to Pack
  • Rifle or archery equipment 
  • Ammunition 
  • Gun permit – $200 
  • Good hiking boots 
  • Warm clothes 
  • Binoculars 
What’s Included In Hunts
  • 1 animal with lodging and meals for 5 days 
  • Tags and license provided by landowner 
  • Transportation into/out of Mexico if needed 
  • Transportation while in the field 
  • Drinks and snacks while in the field 
  • Cleaning and skinning of game 


  • Cost of Tags, Permits, or Government fees?
    The cost of the tags and gun permits are included in the cost ofthe hunt.
  • Are locals friendly and accommodating to hunters?
    The locals have been great to us. We are only on the mexico highway for about 45 min until we start out of town on dirt roads to the ranch.
  • Any issues with getting trucks and trailer across the border, any permits needed.
    There are no issues getting your vehicle and trailers into Mexico. You will want to have mexico insurance for your vehicle. Your insurance provider should be ableto help you.
  • Can a handgun be brought into Mexico to shoot?
    Handguns are not permitted. Only rifles and shotguns can be permitted to carry into Mexico
  • Any challenges with getting guns back and forth?
    The only issue with getting the guns back and forth is in the event there is a clerical error with the serial numbers. So make sure and triple check the serial numbers on the rifles when you send us those numbers. If the serial numbers don’t match the paper work when we get to the border then those rifles wont be able to enter.
  • What’s needed to bring hides and horns back?
    For the antlers and capes. We will have all of the US fish and wildlife declarations to
    import the hunting trophies. We will also help you cross the border at US customs
    with the trophies. The paper work is very straight forward. The only real thing that they are looking for are ticks on the capes. We clean the capes before leaving the ranch and we do have replacement capes in the event a cape does not clear inspection.
  • Anything special needed to bring meat back across the border?
    Frozen meat can be transported acorss the border without permits or inspection. We de-bone the meat when we are on the ranch and freeze it at the ranch house. You can take it with you or we can bring it back here, process and ship it to you after the hunt