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With nothing but blue skies over California, now is the perfect time to set your sights on our upland birds. Ranging from the renowned Rio Grande turkey to the Band-tailed pigeon, challenge your aim and overall hunting skills with our experienced guides there to assist you. Oak Stone Outfitters has the rare and rewarding opportunity of offering great wild California Valley quail hunts in beautiful wine country. Moreover, we hunt roughly 60,000 acres in Monterey County near Paso Robles as well as an additional 150,000 acres near the Bay Area out of Hollister. The habitat consists of gorgeous rolling grasslands with brush-filled hillsides and flat valleys to scope out unsuspecting game. Our coveys average about 75 birds, with some coveys exceeding 150 birds, which gives our customers the chance to harvest multiple birds from one cove.


At Oak Stone Outfitters, our goal is to provide you with a wholly memorable experience. Four specially designed lodging areas and a community dining hall will accommodate your stay on the grounds, should you choose to board with us throughout the duration of your scheduled hunting venture. Once your hunt has been completed, consider visiting some of California’s most enviable coastal cities nearby or take a trip to the Los Angeles or San Francisco areas that are in fair distance from us. Good for the week or for the weekend, we aim to operate in accordance to your preference.

California Valley Quail

Rio Grande Turkey


Band-tailed Pigeon