Ryan and Jared are excellent hosts, guides, coaches, and ambassadors of Oak Stone Outfitters. Each day Ryan and Jared placed each of us in a position to shoot a good-sized wild pig. Two of my friends had never shot a wild pig before and one of those two was on his first hunting trip ever. My other friend had not shot a wild pig since 1996. Each hunter learned new techniques for a successful hunt, was grateful for the coaching and advice offered by Ryan and Jared, and we are all looking forward to returning to Oak Stone Outfitters in the future.  The lodging and guest accommodations were elegant and comfortable.

Oak Stone Outfitters is an excellent guide service that lives up to its reputation for providing successful and safe hunting experiences from the beginner to the experienced big game hunter. It is a please to recommend Oak Stone Outfitters to any person seeking an exciting and challenging hunting experience on California’s renowned central coast.

Johan Klehs

Wild Pig Hunt

The French Ranch was beautiful and full of game and bird life. Recent rains made it a vivid green that I was ready for after a long winter in Alaska.  Matt and I were both shooting long bows. It’s lost on neither of us how much extra work and effort that means for any guide.

On this particular hunt we were very lucky to have Tyson Thompson as our guide. I know a little bit about hard work and I appreciate it when I see it. Tyson worked tirelessly to put hope, optimism and escitement into every minute of every day. He succeeded. Matt and I very much appreciated Tyson’s attitude, skill and effort. We had multiple sightings, stalks, and shots on good pigs, and Matt arrowed a nice boar, all becaouse of Tyson’s skill and hard work. 

For those of us used to tent camping in the wilderness, the accomodations, food, and drink were beyond excellent. Matt and I delivered Matt’s boar to J&R Natural Meats and Sausage in Paso Robles. Jerry Christensen could not have been more professional or helpful. Matt and I both look forward to hunting with Oak Stone Outfitters again.

Michael J. Schneider

Hollister Pig Hunt

What an awesome experience, Ryan was excellent and worked hard to get us good looks at the pigs. Challenging in a good way and would like to come back every year!

Jim Strassburg

Spring 2019, Bradley Ca.

Our dove hunt opening day was a success, could not of asked for a better first hunting experience. The three of us came home with 11 birds each, which is the most I have ever come home with. I used to help a guide/ gun dog trainer in high school out of  San Luis and Ragged Point, I felt like I was always busting my rear for clients, and told myself some day I am going to hopefully have a guided hunt with someone who would do the same. Ryan was that guide, and Tyson (bird dog) was an excellent help despite all of the difficult scenarios for a bird dog having three hunters with shots happening all around. The spot Ryan had us on for the dove was just perfect. I was truly impressed. We will be back. Hopefully for some pheasants or pigs next time.

Lin Ormonde

Dove Hunt

Firstly, I would like to say that because of my hunt at Oak Stone Outfitters, I am re-energized to do more hunting once again! Over the last number of years I’ve had some less than outstanding hunting experiences with outfitters in different parts of the country. That all changed during my hunt with Oak Stone Outfitters and guide Ryan Piltz. From the moment I arrived at the Adobe House and was met by the guide, there was a great feeling of truly being welcomed and a genuine excitement to get out in the field and get some hunting done!  When a client goes hunting with a guide I think there is an expectation that the guide will work very hard with you to find game. Sometimes weather, adverse conditions or bad shooting put up a bit of a roadblock, but we still expect our guide to continue to work hard to make our experience a positive one. I wanted you to know how pleased I am with my experience.  So, I wanted to compliment you in having a very excellent program with outstanding employees. I also met Wyatt on Wednesday as well and he was so friendly and helpful that it just continued to make my experience an outstanding one.

Jerry Valasquez

Wild Pig Hunt

As I sit in the beautiful adobe lodge house, I just must express my gratitude to Chad and the amazing Tyson for an intense, amazing and thrilling hunt. I have been a lot of places and flung arrows at lots of things but my Blacktail hunt with these gentlemen was even better than I hoped. They understood my goals and worked hard for me to take my first Blacktail with a bow. They know the deer, the properties and how to hunt them. They said something would work, I didn’t think so, but they were spot on. I recommend Oakstone Outfitters highly for their professionalism, full service and now, friendship. Anyone considering Blacktail, pigs or Tule Elk should not consider anyone else. You guys rock!!

Rob Lucas - MPAS, PA-C