Take Home Your Trophy!

Oak Stone Taxidermy

After trekking for miles through the hills and valleys along with long hours spent patiently waiting for the perfect shot, you claimed your trophy-quality hunt. Through artistically designed mounts and structures, Oak Stone Taxidermy captures the majestic beauty of the animal, the thrill of the hunt, and the memories of your time in the field. Our expert crafters know that both exceptional service and quality are the cornerstones for success when strategically constructing your masterpiece.

We bring an unmatched level of precision and attention to detail when handling your prized trophy. With an insurmountable amount of creativity and determination, we guarantee superb quality of service that will make your mount or diorama the center of attention. Time management and customer service, combined with a passion for taxidermy, allows us to work closely with our clients in order to best suit their needs and surpass expectations.

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After all, quality is found in a thousand details.


From custom life-sized dioramas to traditional shoulder mounts, we treat each trophy with the care and the attention it deserves.

We know every hunter wants to preserve and enjoy their hunts. We are dedicated to the creation of visually interesting and unique trophies.

Our taxidermy is an art that will keep your trophy and your hunting memories alive. We stand behind the quality of every mount.

North American


New Zealand