Butcher CLass

home butcher class

Do you want to understand how to ethically slaughter, properly field dress and acquire butchery skills you can use at home or in the field? Roll up your sleeves and come join the Oakstone team in our butcher class. Each student will be hands-on throughout the slaughter, field cleaning/dressing and butcher process. John our master butcher will lead students through the butchering basics of transforming a whole harvested animal into recognizable pieces. Learn safety and knife techniques, gain useful wrapping skills, and discover the difference between primal and retail cuts.


Butcher class dates

Oct. 26th 2024

Jan. 25th 2025

Feb. 22nd 2025

March 22nd 2025

Cost – $300 per person

Whats Included

  • Full day of hands-on learning
  • Start to finish meat processing
  • Meat to take home -amount based on class size.


  • Class starts at 8 AM
  • Break for lunch – meat samples, snacks, and water provided
  • Class ends at 4 PM

Butcher Class Outline

Humane Ranch Slaughter
  • Minimizing stress to animals
  • Slaughter techniques
Field dressing
  • Proper cleaning, skinning, quartering of a whole animal.
  • How to cape an animal for hide processing.
Cooling, Aging, and Sanitation
  • Storage and cooling methods
  • Meat aging process
  • Proper sanitation and safety techniques
Meat Processing
  • Deboning
  • Location and types of cuts
  • Proper cut techniques
Pack and Freeze
  • Food safety practices
  • Proper packaging and freezer storage