Long range shooting school

Partnered with AllTerra Arms

Taught by Cross-Hairs LR Hunting School

Long Range Shooting school

Get ready for an immersive experience that will teach you the art of Long-Range shooting. Our training equips you with the precision, skills, and ethics to confidently take those crucial shots while hunting. Come and learn to take the long shot with us!


Mike Perkins – A highly experienced sniper and instructor, Mike has spent over 3 decades honing his skills. He has now leveraged his expertise to create a specialized class for hunters, empowering them to ethically and confidently master long-range shooting for clean, one-shot kills. 

Basic Long Range Course

This class teaches the principals of long-range hunting. Leave with the knowledge and confidence to make ethical decisions when shooting game at extended distances.

Skills taught and worked on during class
  • Shoot at extreme angles
  • Calculate wind and environmental effects
  • Use positional shooting techniques
  • Gain hands-on experience shooting up to 1000 yards
Class Itinerary:

Friday – Arrive at 8-9 AM for classroom and field positions.

Saturday – Full day of shooting.

Sunday – Check out after breakfast.

Advanced Long Range Course

In the advanced class we teach additional techniques to add to students shooting knowledge.
Students should have a scope with windage subtenion lines on the reticle. MOA or MIL scopes both work fine.


Skills taught and worked on during class
  • Reticle Ranging
  • Multiple target engagements
  • Target acquisition drills
  • Follow up shots
  • Speed shooting
  • Extended target engagements out to 1300 yards.
Class Itinerary
  • Friday morning class room – 8am-10am
    Friday Range work – 10am-4pm
    Saturday – range work- 8am -2pm
    Sunday – Check out after Breakfast
Student Gear List
  • Scoped rifle
  • 120 rounds ammo
  • Hearing protection
  • Bipod
  • Backpack/daypack
  • Shooting mat/tarp
  • Rear shooting bag
  • Gun cleaning equipment
  • Rangefinder 
  • Binoculars
  • Shooting sticks
  • notebook/pen/pencil
  • Ballistic App for phone – we suggest Shooter Ballistic App by Shawn Kennedy. www.shooterapp.net
  • Kestral Wind Meter (suggested)
  • Bubble level for your rifle
  • Spotting scope
  • Camera
Blacktail Deer Hunting Packages

COST – $2000 per person

2 day, 2 night course

Meals and Lodging included

2023-2024 SCHOOL DATES

– Basic Course –

July 26th – 28th 2024


– Advanced Class –

August 23rd – 25th 2024