Oak Stone Custom Meat Processing

(Meat Processing the Wiebe Way)

Oak Stone Meat Processing is based out of Bradley, CA, about 25-minutes North of Paso Robles. Average cost of processing wild game is $300/per carcass with additional charges for sausage and burger. Our commercial-grade equipment ensures that your meat will stay fresh through vacuum seal packaging and storage within our industrial sized walk-in freezer. We also offer handmade sausage in country breakfast, jalapeno cheddar, Italian, Swiss, and chorizo. In addition to professional cuts and delicious sausage, Oak Stone Wild Game Processing provides delivery services throughout the United States (shipping fees apply and are calculated after processing is complete).

OakStone Wild Game Processing

Immense experience and knowledge in professional hunting practices covering a large span of California’s Central Coast has led our butchers to become expert in processing wild game, both big and small. The local big game hunts that we specialize in preparing are Blacktail Deer, Wild Pig, and Tule Elk. All in all, Oak Stone Wild Game Processing allows you to enjoy the hunt even when you are back home and seated at the dinner table.

Standard Cuts:

Chops (Bone in/or Boneless)
Leg Roast Round Steaks (Bone in/or Boneless)
Shoulder (Roast and/or Chops)

Game Processing by Oak Stone Outfitters

Custom Cut and Packaged To Your Liking

$300 flat rate for all Pig, Sheep, and Deer carcasses. All Elk and Beef will be charged a $2.50 per pound  processing fee  (charged on hanging weight of the cleaned carcass). Includes: Cutting and Packaging of Traditional Cuts.

Sausage – $4-$7 Per lb. (linked or bulk and packaged)  Minimum 25lbs EACH

Burger-$1 per lb

Sausage Flavors:
Country Breakfast-Bulk
Italian-Bulk or Link

Featured Recipes

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