Corporate Events

At Oak Stone Outfitters, we provide an unforgettable Corporate Event experience where you and your guests can witness the beauty of the outdoors, while building camaraderie, trust, and enthusiasm among employees. We believe in the importance of teamwork and will do everything necessary to enhance the energy and connectivity among your group. With spectacular food, luxurious accommodations, and hunting opportunities to surpass your wildest dreams, you are in the exceptional hands of Oak Stone Outfitters. In addition to our astounding hunting opportunities, Central California offers a wide variety of outdoor activities such as:


The Paso Robles area has become one of the largest winery communities in California; this area offers a plethora of gorgeous vineyards and endless landscapes, reflecting pure beauty. During your trip, you will experience award-winning wines, historic Downtown, amazing restaurants, and desirable weather climates.


With beautiful rock formations, plentiful wildlife, and a secluded setting, Santa Margarita Lake offers enjoyable kayaking adventures. During a relaxing and euphoric 4-hour excursion, your guide will educate your group on surprising insights into the surrounding environment. You will also enjoy a scenic picnic along the peaceful shores of Santa Margarita Lake.


If you are looking for more of an adrenaline rush while on our trip, the Santa Margarita area offers exhilarating zip line ventures. Behold mind-blowing views that only this part of the country has, while flying through the air on a thrilling zip line.


The coast of Central California holds pristine golf courses in the country often kept under the golden sunrays and clear blue skies. Witness well-maintained golf courses and tranquilizing landscapes, while enjoying the company of friends.

If you are looking for a place to create lifelong friendships and show your team how much you appreciate their hard work, then look no further! Our goal for when you leave Oak Stone Outfitters is not for everyone to remember the hunt, but the memories of spending time with close friends in some of the most beautiful coastal- and country-scapes that North America has to offer.

Your experience will be one of luxury, breathtaking scenery, stress-free days, great food, relaxing evenings, and some of the best hunting opportunities around. We promise that the time spent with Oak Stone Outfitters will be far different than your typical getaway. We will allow you to hone business and personal relationships through creative brainstorming sessions and after-hours comradeship. We look forward to guiding you and your team’s goals, while being immersed in the amazing scenery of Central California’s coastal stunning wine country.

Corporate Upland Hunts

Make your corporate event an overwhelming success with a variety of upland hunting options at Oak Stone Outfitters.  We have learned that a productive day in the field is the most ideal environment for team and relationship building. We offer the following upland hunts to include in your next corporate event. Some hunting options are limited by season and/or location.

  • Corporate Pig Hunts
  • Corporate Turkey Hunts
  • Corporate Dove Hunts
  • Corporate Pigeon Hunts